Healing Hypotheses  


Part One: Writings Not Included in Dresser Bibliography
Part Two: Dresser Bibliography

H. W. Dresser writings wherever possible are listed chronologically. Generally where pages are not indicated, the information is from a Dresser typewritten list of some of his articles and the articles in question have not been seen in the publications listed. To the extent allowed by available information, the arrangement of periodicals and other categories is according to similarity of type of publication and approximate time of writing.

I. Writings not published by Swedenborgian groups

    A. Original appearance of his published books 
    B. Apparently completed book manuscripts
    C. Pamphlets
    D. Other Writings
        1. Published
            a.   Dresser-signed articles in his own periodicals:
                  The Journal of Practical Metaphysics and The
                  Higher Law
            b. Dresser articles in other periodicals
        2. Typewritten material

II. Writings published by Swedenborgian groups



Healing Hypotheses


Items Not Included in Dresser Bibliography

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Healing Hypotheses


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Healing Hypotheses

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____________. Esoteric Christianity and Mental Therapeutics.

Healing Hypotheses


Boston: H. H. Carter & Karrick, 1886.

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Healing Hypotheses

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____________. My Personal Recollections of Thomas Troward.
    3 booklets without publishing information, except 1958.

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____________. "Warren Felt Evans, M.D.," Practical Ideals,

Healing Hypotheses 


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Healing Hypotheses

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New Thought [Quarterly]. Any recent back cover [then
    giving the Declaration of Principles of the
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    inside the publication, and restored to its completeness
    after some years of inadvertently omitting one of its

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Quimby, Phineas P. See Dresser, ed., The Quimby

Healing Hypotheses


Manuscripts [and Seale, ed., Phineas Parkhurst Quimby[: ]
    The Complete Writings

____________. (ed. Erroll S. Collie). The Science of Health
    and Happiness
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Healing Hypotheses

The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable

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The World's Congress of Religions. Boston: Arena
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Healing Hypotheses



Dresser Bibliography

I. Writings Not Published by Swedenborgian Groups

    A. Original appearance of his published books,
    chronologically listed according to dates of
    prefaces, which years are the same as publication
    years, except as noted.

1895, March 25. The Power of Silence. Boston: Geo. H.
    Ellis; 2nd ed., revised and enlarged. New York: G. P.
    Putnam's Sons, 1904, preface dated June, 1904.

1895, May l. Annetta Gertrude Dresser the only author
    listed in book, but listed by Dresser in a typed note as
    among his books with himself as "joint author" and
    "incorporated in part in Health and the Inner Life," The
    Philosophy of P. P. Quimby
. Boston: Geo. H. Ellis.

1896, September. The Perfect Whole. Boston: Geo. H. Ellis.

1897, January l. The Heart of It: A Series of Extracts from
    The Power of Silence and The Perfect Whole
. ed. Helen
    Campbell and Katherine Westendorf. Boston: Geo. H.

1897, September 15. In Search of a Soul. Boston: Geo. H.

1898, July. Voices of Hope. Boston: Geo. H. Ellis.

1899, February. Methods and Problems of Spiritual Healing.
    Boston: Geo. H. Ellis.

1899, August. Voices of Freedom. New York: G. P.


Healing Hypotheses

    Putnam's Sons.

1899, no preface date. Julius A. Dresser. The True History
    of Mental Science
. Revised with notes and additions by
    Horatio W. Dresser. New York: The Alliance
    Publishing Co. and Boston: The Temple Publishing Co.,
    1899, 1st ed. Boston: Alfred Mudge & Son, Printers,
    1887. See Appendix E, "Letter to El," for a reference
    apparently to this work, possibly indicating more than
    later revisions by H. W. D.

1900, July. Education and the Philosophical Ideal. New
    York: G. P. Putnam's Sons.

1900, no preface date. Living by the Spirit. New York: G.
    P. Putnam's Sons.

1901, no preface date. The Christ Ideal. New York: G. P.
    Putnam's Sons.

1902, no preface date. A Book of Secrets. New York: G. P.
    Putnam's Sons.

1903, July. Man and the Divine Order. New York: G. P.
    Putnam's Sons.

1906, no preface date. Health and the Inner Life. New
    York: G. P. Putnam's Sons.

1907, no preface date. The Greatest Truth. New York:
    Progressive Literature Co.

1908, January. The Philosophy of the Spirit. New York: G.
    P. Putnam's Sons.

1908, July. A Message to the Soul. New York: G. P.
    Putnam's Sons, 1910.

Healing Hypotheses


1911, July. Human Efficiency. New York: G. P. Putnam's
    Sons, 1912.

1914, March.   The Religion of the Spirit in Modern Life.
    New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons.

1917, January l. Dresser (ed.). The Spirit of the New
. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell Company.

1917, no preface date. Handbook of the New Thought. New York:
    G. P. Putnam's Sons.

1917, no preface date. The Victorious Faith. New York:
    Harper & Brothers.

1918, no preface date. Dresser (ed.). The World War, Vol.
    XV of The World's Story. Boston: Houghton Mifflin

1919, no preface date. A History of the New Thought
. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell Company.

1919, no preface date. On the Threshold of the Spiritual
. New York: George Sully and Company.

1920, no preface date. The Open Vision. New York:
    Thomas Y. Crowell Company.

1921, no preface date. Dresser (ed.). The Quimby
(both editions the same year). New York:
    Thomas Y. Crowell Company.

1922, no preface date. Spiritual Health and Healing. New
    York: Thomas Y. Crowell Company.

1924, January. Psychology in Theory and Application. New
    York: Thomas Y. Crowell Company.


Healing Hypotheses

1925, April l. Ethics in Theory and Application. New York:
    Thomas Y. Crowell Company.

1926, April. A History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy.
    New York: Thomas Y. Crowell Company.

1928, January 3. A History of Modern Philosophy. New
    York: Thomas Y. Crowell Company.

1929, January. Outlines of the Psychology of Religion. New
    York: Thomas Y. Crowell Company.

1932, November. Knowing and Helping People. Boston: The
    Beacon Press, Inc., 1933.

    B. Apparently Completed Dresser Book Manuscripts

Studies in Self-Knowledge and Inner Control. (Probably
    written at least partly during the last year of his life;
    under his name on a title page he refers to himself as
    "Author of 'Outlines of the Psychology of Religion,'
    etc. Formerly Consultant in Psychology, The
    Associated Clinic of Brooklyn, New York." He retired
    from this position in 1953.

The Secret of Perpetual Youth and Leaves from my Treasure
. (At least partly written in 1935 from a present
    reference to it on p. 6).

Dresser also wrote chapters for a work or works with the
    titles Successful Techniques in Psychology and Successful
    Methods in Psychotherapy

Healing Hypotheses


    C. Dresser Pamphlets

"The Inner Life Series," of pamphlets; listed as for sale by
    the author at South Hadley, Mass., and Harriet M. Van
    Der Vaart, 5616 Kimbark Avenue, Chicago; n.d.

    An Outline for the Study of Jesus' Teachings.
    Christ Today.
    The Original Christian Science.

"The Way of Life Series," of numbered pamphlets,
    published by the Church of the Saviour, Unitarian,
    Brooklyn, New York, beginning in 1933 (not all dated):

    The Conquest of Fear, I933.
    Inner Control, I933.
    Nervousness, I933.
    Sleeplessness, I934.
    Overcoming Worry.
    Emotional Conflicts.
    Habit, I942.
    Adjustments and Malad justments.
, (a Dresser family source suggests

    The True Christian Science, 1908 pamphlet not seen nor
    known whether part of a series.

    D. Other writings

        1. Published

            a. Dresser-signed articles in his own periodicals

The Journal of Practical Metaphysics
Vol. I:


Healing Hypotheses

    "A Forerunner of the Mental Cure" (May, 1897), 226-29.
    "Spiritual Poise" (June, 1897), 253-60.
    "Raja Yoga Philosophy" (July, 1897), 294-98.
    "The Limitations of Psychology" (August, 1897), 323-29.
    "Individuality" (September, 1897), 349-58.

Vol. II:
    "The Problem of Evil" (December, 1897), 71-74.
    "The Failure of the New Thought Movement" (January,
    1898), 97-102.
    "The Omnipresent Spirit" (April, 1898), 197-211.
    "Character Building" (May, 1898, 237-45; continued in
    (June, 1898), 270-77.
    "The Problem of Life" (July, 1898), 293-302; continued
    in (August, 1898), 329-39.
    "Concentration" (September, 1898), 373-75.

The Higher Law
Vol. I:
    "Beauty" (December, 1899), l-5.
    "The Spirit" (January, 1900), 33-39.
    "Immortality I" (February, 1900), 65-74.
    "Immortality II" (March, 1900), 101-107.
    "Immortality III" (April, 1900), 133-140.

Vol. II:
    "The Mystery of Pain and Evil" (July, 1900), 33-37.
    "The Problem of Matter" (August, 1900), 65-75.
    "An Ideal Metaphysical Club" (September, 1900),
    "The Social Problem" (October, 1900), 129-33.
    "Real Life" (November, 1900), 166-71.

Vol. III:
    "The Spiritual Ideal I" (January, 1901), 33-40.
    "The Spiritual Ideal II" (March, 1901), 75-79.
    "The Spiritual Ideal III" (May, 1901), 105-11.

Vol. IV:

Healing Hypotheses


    "A Fundamental Question" (December, 1901), 153-56.
    By Henry Wood and H. W. Dresser.

Vol. V:
    "The Need of Perspective" (May, 1902), 111-18.
    "Expression" (June, 1902), 147-55.
    "A Neglected Law" (July, 1902), 167-74.
    "Glad Tidings" (August-September, 1902), 190-95.
    "The Elements of Religion" (August-September, 1902),

        b. Dresser Articles in Other Periodicals

The Arena
"The Mental Cure in its Relation to Modern Thought,"
    XVI (June, 1896), 131-37.
    "Universal Freedom," XX (November-December, 1898),
    "What is the New Thought?" XXI (January, 1899),
    "Has Life a Meaning?" XXI (February, 1899), 162-82.
    "Anglo-saxon in the East," XXI (March, 1899), 296-310.
    "Possibilities of the Moral Law," XXI (April, 1899),
    "The Facts in the Case," first half of "Christian Science
    and its Prophetess," XXI (May, 1899), 537-50. The
    second half, "The Book and the Woman," by
    Josephine Curtis Woodbury, follows, pp. 550-70.
    "The Harmony of Life," XXI (May, 1899), 612-28.
    "The Genesis of Action," XXI (June, 1899), 777-90.
    "The Inner Life," XXII (August, 1899), 246-57.
    "An Interpretation of the Vedanta," XXII (October,
    1899), 489-508.

Practical Ideals (Volumes III-XXIV examined)
Vol. VI:
    "Doctor Quimby's Method" (November-December,


Healing Hypotheses

        1903), 25-26,
    A letter from Boston Transcript, no date given.

Vol. XI:
    "The Quimby Discoveries" (March, 1906), 12-15.
    "As to the Origin of Christian Science" (May, 1906),

Vol. XVII:
    "Mr. Quimby and the Emmanuel Movement" (January,
        1909), l-4.
    "Limitations of the Emmanuel Movement" (January,
        1909), 4-10.
    "Spiritual Point of View in Mental Therapeutics
        [Healing, in table of contents]," I (February, 1909,
    "Spiritual Point of View in Mental Therapeutics
        [Healing, in table of contents]," II (March, 1909, l-7.
    "Spiritual Point of View in Mental Therapeutics," III
        (April, 1909), 9-14.
    "About Christian Science" (April, 1909), 15-17.
    "Notes on Mental Healing," I (May, 1909), 13-19.
    "Notes on Mental Healing," II (May, 1909), 14-18.
    "Notes on Mental Healing," III (August, 1909), 15-20.
    "Notes on Mental Healing," IV (September, 1909), 3-8.
    "The Law of Spiritual Healing," I (October, 1909), 9-16.
    "The Law of Spiritual Healing," II (November, 1909), 9-
    "The Law of Spiritual Healing," III (December, 1909),

Vol. XIX
    "The Victorious Attitude," I (January, 1910), 17-23.
        (Condensed from A Message to the Well.)
    "The Victorious Attitude," II (February, 1910), 6-11.
    "The Victorious Attitude," III (March, 1910), 17-23.

Healing Hypotheses


Vol. XX:
    "The Future Life," I (August, 1910), 1-9.
    "The Future Life," II (September, 1910), 7-12.

Vol. XXI:
    "Success Through Failure" (April-May, 1911), 18.

Vol. XXII:
    "Swedenborg," I (October, 1911), l-6.
    "Swedenborg," II (November, 1911), 6-10.
    "Swedenborg," III (December, 1911), l-6.

    "Swedenborg," IV (January, 1912), 7-10.
        (The volume number in this issue is printed
        incorrectly as XXII)
    "Swedenborg," V (February, 1912), 11-16.
    "The New Thought" (April, 1912), 9-11.
    "What is Truth?" (I (September, 1912), I-6.
    "What Is Truth?" II (October, 1912), 1-6.

    ["The Influence of Temperament on Health" XXVII
        (September, 1907), 129-33.]
    "The Affirmative Attitude" (April, 1920).
    "The Quickening Word" (July, 1920).
    "Instantaneous Healing" (May, 1923).
    "He That Overcometh" (January, 1925).
    "The Living Faith," LXII (May, 1925), 409-13.
    "The Laborer and His Hire," LXIII (August, 1925),
    "Anxiety and Worry" (January, 1926).
    "Dr. Quimby's Theory of Matter," LXIV (June, 1926),
    "True Prayer," LXV (September, 1926), 214-22.
    "Fresh Beginnings" (November, 1926).
    "Divine Guidance," LXVI (February, 1927), 118-24.
    "Contentment," LXVI (April, 1927), 319-26.
    "Justice," LXVI (June, 1927), 517-24.


Healing Hypotheses

    "Faith," (January, 1928).
    "Power," LXIX (August, 1928), 125-31.
    "The Way Out," LXXVIII (April, 1933), 8-15.
    "Spiritual Truths," LXXVIII (June, 1933), 18-26.
    "Silence" (February, 1934).
    "A Message to the Lonely" (April, 1934).
    "Nonresistance" (November, 1934).
    "The Believing Attitude" (January, 1936).
    "The Abundant Life" (May, 1936).
    "Spiritual States," LXXXVI (February, 1937), 18-27.
    "Spiritual Gifts," LXXVVII (December, 1937), 16-25.
    "Spiritual Security," LXXXVIII (February, 1938), 2-31.
    "Spiritual Guidance" (October, 1940).
    "Sufficient Unto the Day" (November, 1942), 24-30.
    "Interpreting Our Past," CIII (July, 1945), 23-29.
    "Weakness and Strength," CV (August, 1946), 22-29.

The following articles are listed, without dates, in a
Dresser list of articles, but not in a list of his Unity-
published articles supplied by Unity School of

    "Health Through Wisdom" [513-18]
    "All Things Made New" [24-31]
    "Overcoming Fear" [203-?]
    "Spiritual Laws and Ideals"
    ["Prayer" 214-?]

Weekly Unity
    "Spiritual Strength" XIII (March 18, 1922), l-2.]

Christian Business 
    "Mental Atmospheres"

Christian Victory (?)
    "Quimby's Technique."

Healing Hypotheses


Current Literature
    "Put the Soul in Command" [excerpted from Education
        and the Philosophical Ideal
], XXX (January, 1901),

Current Opinion
    "War as a Process of Moral Purification" [excerpted
        from The Victorious Faith], LXIV (February, 1918),

Good Housekeeping
    "Insure Your Health and Happiness," L (April, 1910),
    "An Invitation," L (April, 1910), 472-73.
    "Action and Reaction," LI (July, 1910), 73-75.
    "Domestic Harmony," LI (September, 1910), 283-85.
    "A Talk to Our Policyholders[:] How to Acquire the
        Power to Think, to Will and to Live in Company
        with God," LI (October, 1910), 431-35.
    ["Letter to a Charity Worker" (perhaps from Good

Home Progress
    "True Punishment," III (February, 1914), 288-90.

The following appear in the "Home History Circle,"
conducted by Dresser in Home Progress from April, 1915,
through August, 1917, at which time the magazine ceased

IV (April, 1915):
    "Germany at War," 945-46.
    "Epochs in German History," 946-52.

IV (May, 1915):
    "Belgium, the Cock-Pit of Europe," 993-94.
    "The Struggles of Belgium and Holland for Peace,"


Healing Hypotheses

    "Types of Character in the Netherlands," 997-99.

IV (June, 1915):
    "The Growth of Republicanism in Switzerland,"
    "The Position of Switzerland in History," 1043-
    "Swiss Literature," 1050-51.
    "The Influence of the Alps on Swiss Character,"

IV (July, 1915):
    "Russia Today," 1089-91.
    "The Development of Russia," 1091-96.

IV (August, 1915):
    "Austria and Germany and their Relations," 1135-40.
    "Austria and the Balkans," 1147-50.

V (September, 1915):
    "The Struggle of the Balkan States for Independence,"
    "Constantinople and Turkey in Europe," 10-12.

V (October, 1915):
    "Austria and Italy," 53-55.
    "The Great Cities of Italy and their Part in European
        History," 55-58.
    "Art as an Expression of Italian Genius," 58-61.
    "Italy and the Modern Nations," 61-64.

V. (November, 1915):
    "France and Germany," 101-03.
    "The Wars of Napoleon and their Consequences,"
    "The Common People Since the Revolution," 107-10.

V (December, 1915):
    "Characteristics of the Spaniard," 149-51.

Healing Hypotheses


    "Spain at the Height of Power," 151-57.
    "The Expulsion of the Moors," 157-60.

V (January, 1916):
    "The Voyages of Portuguese Discoverers," 197-99.
    "Portugal in India and Africa," 199-203.
    "Portugal and England," 203-209.

V (February, 1916):
    "The Scandinavian Countires and the War," 245-47.
    "Norwegian Scenery," 247-50.
    "Scandinavian Mythology," 250-57.

V (March, 1916):
    "The Position of Denmark in European History," 93-95.
    "The Literature of Iceland," 295-96.
    "The Discovery of the Poles," 298-305.

V (April, 1916):
    "England Past and Present," 341-43.
    "The Study of English History," 343-46.
    "The Roman Period," 346-53.

V (May, 1916):
    "How Britain Became England," 389-94.
    "The Beginning of Literature in England," 394-98.

V (June, 1916):
    "England Under Foreign Rule," 437-39.
    "Results of the Norman Conquest," 439-44.
    "Meaning of the Great Charter," 445-48.

V (July, 1916):
    "Beginnings of the Reformation," 485-86.
    "The Age of John Wiclif," 487-91.
    "England during the Middle Ages," 491-96.

V (August, 1916):
    "England on the Seas," 531-35.


Healing Hypotheses

    "England's Golden Age," 535-39.
    "The Age of Shakespeare," 539-44.

VI (September, 1916):
    "Education in England," 5-7.
    "The Growth of Education," 7-12.
    "Francis Bacon and his Influence," 13-16.

VI (October, 1916):
    "The Age of John Locke," 53-55 (not signed nor
        initialed, but probably by Dresser).
    "Locke's Philosophy," 55-59.
    "The Puritan Period," 59-64.

VI (November, 1916):
    "The Victorian Age," 101-03.
    "The Great Men of Science," 103-06.
    "Literature and Life in the Victorian Age," 106-11.

VI (December, 1916):
    "The Beginnings of History in Scotland," 149-51.
    "The Influence of Scotland in English History," 151-57.
    "Types of Scottish Literature," 157-60.

VI (January, 1917):
    "The Union of England and Scotland," 197-99.
    "The Orkney and Shetland Islands," 199-204.
    "Characteristics of Scottish Philosophy," 204-08.

VI (February, 1917):
    "The Struggle for Home Rule," 245-46.
    "The Beginnings of History in Ireland," 246-51.
    "The Development of Learning in Ireland," 251-55.

VI (March, 1917):
    "The Welsh People and their Place in History," 293-95.
    "The Beginnings of Welsh National Life," 295-300.
    "The Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands," 300-02.

Healing Hypotheses


 VI (April, 1917):
    "The Study of American History," 341-43.
    "The Period of Discovery, 343-45.
    "China and the Portuguese Explorers," 345-46.

VI (May, 1917):
    "The Coming of the Colonists," 389-91.
    "Life in Colonial Times," 391-93.
    "Rural Life in the Colonies," 399-401.

VI (June, 1917):
    "The Discovery of Manhattan," 437-38.
    "New Amsterdam," 438-45.
    "William Penn and Quakers," 445-48.

VI (July, 1917):
    "Intellectual Life in the Colonies," 485-87.
    "The Beginnings of American Education," 487-92.
    "In the Days of King Philip," 492-96.

VI (August, 1917):
    "Beginnings of the Revolution," 533-35.
    "In Revolutionary Times," 538-41.
    "The Leaders of the Nation," 541-45.

Other Dresser articles from magazines and papers, as
    listed by him:

The Business Philosopher
    "Introducing a Contributor," by Martin L. Zook, about
    "Laws of the Spiritual Life," (December, 1922).
    "Contentment" (1923).
    "Paul's Problem" (June, 1922).
    "The Subconscious" (July, 1922).
    "The Deeper Self" (August, 1922).
    "The Value of the Intellect" (September, 1922).
    "Interior Thought" (October, 1922).
    "The Power of Thought" (October, 1922).


Healing Hypotheses

    "The Sphere of Thought"

The Golden Rule Magazine
    "Horatio W. Dresser, Philosopher" ("An Appreciation by
        the Editor")
    "What Moulds and Makes Men"

Boston Transcript
    "The Emmanuel Movement"

Uncertain source
    "Letter to a Charity Worker"

Twentieth Century Magazine

Meadville Theological Journal
    "The Art of Health"

Friends Intelligencer (April 13, 1912)
    "The Spirit in Daily Life"
    "Seeking Guidance" (June 15, 1912)
    "The Power of Jesus' Personality"

Nautilus, Holyoke, Mass.
    "Bergson's Philosophy, Life and Intuition," Ch. I.
    "Rational Optimism"
    "The Basis of Spiritual Healing"
    "First Impressions: Following Your Hunches"
    "Inner Guidance"
    "The Art of Resting"

The Gleaner (Dr. W. John Murray's magazine, New York)
    [as the publication later was named]
    "Intuition" (July, 1925)
    "Coue and Quimby"
    "The Inner Point of View"
    "In the Secret Presence"

Healing Hypotheses


    "Spiritual Efficiency"
    "Living in the Present"
    "Unmasking Our Minds," review (June, 1925).
    "Psychical Experiences in the Bible"
    "Judging Others," used later as a sermon (October 23,
    "The Value of Effort," sermon.
    "The Original Christian Science"
    "Spiritual Influx and Health" (March, 1926). Published
        also as a New Church tract entitled "Spiritual
    "Spiritual Correspondences" (April, 1926).
    "Mind and Body in Health and Disease" (August, 1926).

2. Typewritten Material

H. W. Dresser "typed articles for patients or studies in the
sort of work I have been doing in Brooklyn since the Fall
of 1931," as referred to in February 23, 1944, letter to his
daughter. These articles are listed in the order bound by
Mrs. Herbert W. Browne.

    "Suggestions for Daily Living" (2 pages).
    "Silence--Repose--Meditation " (6 pages).
    "Human Types" (10 pages).
    "Aids in Determining One's Mental Type" (4 pages).
    "Mental Types (7 pages).
    "Our Mental Worlds" (13 pages).
    "Subconsciousness" (14 pages).
    "Imagination" (15 pages).
    "Balance--Compensation--Adaptation" (11 pages).
    "Self-Help" (12 pages).
    "Modes of Self-Help" (5 pages).
    "Confusions" (7 pages).
    "Susceptibility to Environment and to People" (15
    "The Nature and Use of Suggestion" (14 pages).


Healing Hypotheses

    "Suggestion II" (3 pages).
    "Reticence and Emotional Immaturity" (9 pages).
    "Christ Today" (8 pages).
    "Christian Therapy" (8 pages).
    "New Light on Disease" (10 pages).
    "Meditation" (9 pages). "Practising for Security" (7 pages).
    "The Nature and Wise Use of the Will" (19 pages).
    "Impressions, Premonitions, Guidance" (23 pages, of
        which 19 are missing).
    "Spiritual Gifts" (8 pages).

Among the many pieces of writing left by Dresser, not all
of which it is feasible to list here, are the following, most
of which seem to be in the same category as those next
above:   "Silence--Repose--Mediation " (2 pages).
    "Inner Health" (9 pages).
    "Memory" (8 pages).
    "Notes on Habit-Formation" (6 pages).
    "Notes on Human Personality" (16 pages).
    "Detachment" (11 pages).
    "The House of Peace. The Home of Security" (3 pages).
    "What to Believe" (1 l pages).
    "Courage" (7 pages).
    "G. B. Shaw's Philosophy of Life or Design for Living"
        (9 pages).
    "Suggestions for Daily Practice" (9 pages).
    "Christianity as a Way of Life" (1S pages).
    "Steps in Self-knowledge" (13 pages).
    "Living in the Present" (8 pages).
    "Intuition" (11 pages).
    "Guidance" (3 pages).
    "Outline of the Human Self with reference to
        Experience in the Inner Life" (2 pages).
    "Notes on Hunches, Impressions, Premonitions,
        Leadings, Intuition, etc." (18 pages).
    "Outline of the Teachings and Methods of P. P.
        Quimby" (19 pages).

Healing Hypotheses


II.   Writings Published by Swedenborgian Groups

The Helper
    "Every Man a Church," LVI (November 10, 1915), 3-13.
    "True Faith," LVIII (June 28, 1916), 3-14. 
    "Worshipping in Spirit," LVIII (November 29, 1916),
    "The New Idea of Man," LIX (January 24, 1917), 3-12.
    "The Miracle of Every Day," LXVI (December 29,
        1920), 3-9.
    "The Divine Guidance," LXVII (February 23, 1921),
    "Spiritual Healing from a New Church Viewpoint,"
        LXXI (February 7, 1923), 3-21.Also published as a
        pamphlet with the same title, in Philadelphia, n.d.
        See also his pamphlet Spiritual Healing (Patterson,
        N.J.: The Swedenborg Press, 1943).
    "The New Thought and the New Church," LXXI
        (February 21, 1923), 3-17. Published in slightly
        condensed form as a pamphlet of the same title,
        Philadelphia, n.d.
    "Brotherhood," LXXI (May 16, 1923), 3-15.
    "The Lord is With Us," LXXII (December 26, 1923),
    "The Lord's Human Consciousness," LXXIII (January, 23,
        1924), 9-25.
    "The Upper Room," LXXVI (June 24, 1925), 9-20.
    "The Value of Effort," CXIV (May 24, 1944), 1-7.

The New Christianity
    "Pastoral Psychology," lI (Summer, 1936), 57-60.
    Review of Tricks Our Minds Play on Us by K. S. Stolz,
        and The Art of Counseling by Rollo May, V (Summer,
        1939), 74.
    "Concerning the Unconscious," VI (Spring, 1940), 47-49.
    Review of Man's Search for Himself by Edwin B.
        Aubrey, VI (Autumn, 1940), 105-06.
    "A Clinic for Damaged Lives," VI (Winter, 1940), 13-15.


Healing Hypotheses

    "The Meaning of Inner States," VII (Autumn, 1941),
        83-86. It is noted at p. 83 that this article was
        intended as a chapter of a contemplated, but
        apparently not completed, book, The Psychology of
        Emanuel Swedenborg.

    "Religious Experience," VII (Winter, 1941), 17.
    "The Sphere of Philosophy," VIII (Summer, 1942), 56-57.
        Review of Modern Marriage, ed. by Moses Jung, VIII
        (Christmas, 1942), 95.
    "The Value of the Doctrines," IX (Easter, 1943), 40-41.
        Review of Our Age of Unreason, by Franz Alexander,
        IX (Summer, 1943).69-70.
        Review of Religion and Health by Seward Hiltner, IX
        (Summer, 1943), 69.

The New-Church Review
    "An Estimate of the New Thought," I Exposition, XVIII
        (April, 1911), 161-79; 11 Criticism, XVIII (July,
        1911). 354-70.
    Review of The New Testament Period and its Leaders,
        by Frank T. Lee, XXI (April, 1914), 316-17.
    "The Larger Charity" XXI (October, 1914), 535-47.
    "True Humanism" XXIV (April, 1917), 222-30.
    Review of The Psychology of Religion, by George Albert
        Coe, XXIV (October, 1917), 636-38.
    Review of The Origin and Evolution of Life, by H. F.
        Osborn, XXV (January, 1918), 158-60.
    Review of The Fellowship of Silence, ed. by Cyril
        Hepher, The Fruits of Silence, by Cyril Hepher, and
        The Empire of Silence, by Charles Courtenay, XXV
        (April, 1918), 317-19.
    "The Worship and Love of God," XXV (July,1918),
    Review of Religion Rationalized, by Hiram Vrooman,
        XXVI (October, 1919), 622-23.
    "The New Thought and Spiritual Healing," XXX
        (April, 1923), 145-64.
    Review of Psychology for Bible Teachers, by Edward

Healing Hypotheses


        Annett, XXXII (July, 1925), 373-74.
        Review of A Short Psychology of Religion, by G. J.
    Jordan, XXXV (April, 1928), 253-55.
    Review of Understandinq Human Nature, by Alfred
        Adler, XXXVI (January, 1929), 126-27.

The New-Church Herald
    "Spiritual Healing from a New-Church Viewpoint,"
        [republished from The Helper], IV (March 24, 1923),
    "The New Thought and the New Church," [republished
        from The Helper], IV (April 21, 1923), 244-47.
    "Progress in the Church," [republished from The
        New-Church Messenger
], V (February 2, 1924), 68-69.

    The following six articles are excerpts from the
    projected book, The Psychology of Swedenhorq:

    "Love I," IX (March 17, 1928), 167-69.
    "Love II," IX (March 24, 1928), 180-81.
    "Remains," IX (September 22, 1928), 565-68.
    "Memory I," X (January 19, 1929), 34-36.
    "Memory II," X (January 26, 1929), 49-51.
    "Disease-Health-Healing," X (April 27, 1929), 261-65.

    "Spheres and Spiritual States," X (September 21, 1929),
    "Social Psychology," XI (February l, 1930), 68-70.

    The following twelve articles from The New-Church
are from The Psychology of Swedenborg. Their
    general title is "Swedenborg's Psychology." Their
    subtitles are given below:

    "Mysticism I, " XI (August 23, 1930), 502-05.
    "Mysticism II, " XI (September 6, 1930), 530-32.
    "Psychical Research," XII (January 10, 1931), 18-21.
    "Perception I," XIII (September 10, 1932), 546-48.


Healing Hypotheses

    "Perception II, " XIII (September 17, 1932), 561-63.
    "The Brain and Senses," XIII (October 15, 1932), 628-30.
    "Sensation," XIII (October 22, 1932), 642-44.
    "The Body," XIII (November 12, 1932), 689-92.
    "Soul and Body," XIII (December 31, 1932), 800-803.
    "Mental Activity," XIV (June 3, 1933), 336-40.
    "Mental Origins I," XIV (October 7, 1933), 593-96.
    "Mental Origins II," XIV (October 14, 1933), 615-16.

    "Atmosphere," XVI (May 25, 1935), 249-50.

The New-Church Messenger
Vol. CXVI:
    "The Pathway of Life" (March 19, 1919), 22 l.
    Letter, "War Even to Annihilation," [reply to a report of
        his remarks to Massachusetts Woman's Alliance on
        "The Spiritual Results of the War," in March 19,1919,
        issue, p. 234] (April 2, 1919), 268.
    "Reaching People Where they Are," in a symposium,
        "Avenues of Approach," (April 23, 1919), 326.
    Joint author with Adolph Roeder of "The Supernatural
        in Recent Literature (May 28, 1919), 424.
    "The Renewing Life," (June 25, 1919), 503-05.

    "To Lose Life or Find it" (October 15, 1919), 269.
    "The Feeling Toward the Germans" (October 15, 1919),
    "The Inward Light" (October 15, 1919), 375-77.

    "The Light of Truth" (January 3J 1923), 5-8.
    "Swedenborg and the Universities" (January 10, 1923),
    "The Coming of the New Age" (January 31, 1923),
    "A Man of God" (March 7, 1923), 150-54.
    "The Doctrine of Uses" (May 16, 1923), 312-15.

Healing Hypotheses


Vol. CXXV:
    "The Vine and the Branches" (July 25, 1923), 53-55.
    "The Divine Protection" (August 15, 1923), 96-99.
    "Human Limitations" (October 24, 1923), 255-58.

    A letter (January 30, 1924) J 73-75.
    "How the Bible was Written" (February 6, 1924), 87-91.
    "Spirit of Truth" (March 12, 1924), 165-68.
    "The Nature of Man" (March 19, 1924), 188-92.
    "Recognizing the Lord" (April 30, 1924), 285-88.
    "The Real Issue" (May 14, 1924), 319-23.

    "The Lord With Us" (October 29, 1924), 322-25.
    "Of the Abundance of the Heart" (December 17, 1924

    "Seeking Guidance" (January 21, 1925), 37-40.
    "Interpretation" (April 29, 1925), 288-90.
    "The Sphere of Imagination" (May 20, 1925), 344-46.
    "Verification" (June 3, 1925), 376-78.

    "Spiritual Healing," (September 9, 1925), 637-39.

    "Responsibility," (February 9, 1927), 92-95.

    "The Psychology of Hell," (October 12, 1927), 272-74.

    "Feeling and Pleasure" (January 11, 1928), 24-27.
    "Swedenborg and Evolution" (March 7, 1928), 164.
    "Swedenborg's Sanity" (March 28, 1929), 204-07.


Healing Hypotheses

    "Complexes" (April 17, 1929), 254-56.
    "Self-Love" (May 22, 1929), 336-38. Published under
        the incorrect title, "Complexes."
    "Swedenborg's Science" (June 5, 1929), 365-67.

Vol. CL:
    "Spiritual Influx," (March 11, 1936), 169-70.

    "Spiritual Therapy in Action[:] Is Religion in Practice,"
        (May 25, 1946), 167-68.

    "Swedenborg's Psychology," (May 8, 1948), 154-56

    "On Classifying Swedenborg,"(January 29, 1949), 39-40.
    "Intermediate Experiences," (August 27, 1949), 278-80.

    "On Interpreting the Scriptures," (March 10, 1951),
        87-88 and 90-91.
    "Reasons for Mystical Experiences[:] Often Due to
        Immaturity," (June 30, 1951), 218-20.

    "On Psychology and Religion," (February 9, 1952),
    "Vagaries of Superstition," (May 17, 1952), 175.

    "The Psychology of the Bible; Sermon on Mount is
        Especially Concerned," Part I, (February 21, 1953),
        67-68 and 70. Part II, (March 7, 1953), 87-88.
    "The Apostle Paul[:] Study of His Limitations," (May 30,
        1953), 181-82.
    "The Problem of Will; Our Natures Resist Efforts to
        Regenerate It," (October 3, 1953), 323-25.

Healing Hypotheses


    Dresser column, "With the Practicing Psychologist,"
        began in CLXXIV : (January 9, 1954), 27, and
        continued in:
        (January 23, 1954), 45.
        (March 6, 1954), 92.
        (April 3, 1954), 122.
        (May 1, 1954), 157-58.


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