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Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: His Complete Writings and Beyond

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Clairvoyance—A Detective in Disease

I notice an article under the signature of J. R. in your paper of the 14th in which the writer undertakes to show that clairvoyance is the surest test to a knowledge of disease. Now, I have no feeling towards any person claiming to cure disease by this or that mode, but when J. R. undertakes to enlighten the world in regard to what he pretends to know, he had better get the beam out of his own eye before he tries to take the mote out of his brother's eye. I believe I am as well posted in regard to clairvoyance as J. R. or I know that so far as its power is concerned in curing disease, it is a complete deception and it is the cause of more trouble than in any other mode of curing. Sympathy for the sick is all there is about it and if any person will follow my direction, if they do not satisfy themselves of the truth of what I say, I will forfeit my reputation as a man.

I have been for the last twenty years investigating clairvoyance and mesmerism, and it has opened my eyes to facts that have not come to the world as yet. It would be strange if I really believed that medicine was necessary to cure disease, that I should not give it. If my object was to sponge the sick and suffering, I certainly take the worst way to accomplish my object; but if my motives are what I pretend they are, to put men in possession of a fact that will keep them clear from such persons as J. R. who would have people believe that God has chosen the foolish of this world to confound the wise, if this is the case, he has certainly made a wise choice in selecting J. R.

For my own part I would examine persons for nothing and even pay them for it, if I wished to impose on them by selling medicines. I have no medicines to sell, nor do I recommend any, and I never meddle with what my patients shall eat or drink or wear if it does not interfere with their health. Then I tell them how it affects them and leave it to them to decide. If persons wish to take medicine, let them go to those who sell and buy for themselves. Those who would be cured in the way J. R. recommends by applying a test can detect whether the medium is clairvoyant or not. Blindfold the subject and see if he can tell what you have in your pocket or wallet. If they do that, they may see the state of your internal organs, but they cannot tell that it is done by reading the strong impression on your mind.

April 1862

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