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Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: His Complete Writings and Beyond

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Senses, The [III]

What are man's senses? The common opinion is that man has five senses and these are so well defined that it won't be necessary for me to mention them. According to my theory of this truth, the senses are only a representative of what man and beast are. When reason enters the child, it is not supposed that he has more sense. Now if senses are not what is called knowledge, then knowledge can exist without senses. I make the senses our knowledge, so when our knowledge is gone our senses are gone for knowledge is what can be destroyed, but wisdom is what will stand; so the changing of our knowledge is the losing of our life or senses, but the finding of wisdom is an eternal truth. Then instead of having senses we are wiser and better. This makes man different from the brute creation. The brutes have senses and a knowledge, but they have shown no proof that their knowledge has ever led them to show wisdom over their predecessor.

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