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Phineas Parkhurst Quimby: His Complete Writings and Beyond

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True Life is Health

True life is health, knowledge and happiness, all in this belief. Death is disease, error, misery and pain, all in this belief. Each of the above is called our knowledge, and to believe in one is to disbelieve in the other, for our life is in our belief. Death is the destruction of the one and the life of the other, or the disbelief of the one and the belief of the other. Christ came to destroy death or belief and bring life and immortality to light, and this life or belief was in Christ. They that lost their life or belief for his sake or belief should find it. Upon this rock or belief I build my faith and the gates of death cannot change me. Now your life is in your belief and you are known by the fruits. My life is my belief. Now as I impart my belief to you, it is your life or health; and as you receive my life or belief, you die to your own; and my life in you grows to a belief and this belief is your health or happiness.

November 1859

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