A Philosophy - A Way of Life

By Herman J. Aaftink
Founder-Director of the Calgary Life Enrichment Centre
Author of Brand New Me-The Art of Authentic Living

Metaphysics is the popular name for the ancient philosophy of Idealism, first taught by Plato and Aristotle about 2500 years ago. Metaphysics means "beyond physics" - it is the attempt to present a comprehensive, coherent and consistent account of reality, of the Universe as a whole, including ourselves. Metaphysics acknowledges a cosmic mind as the operating principle of order and change as well as the source of all existence. As we become increasingly aware of this process and presence, our lives improve. The practical application of Metaphysics was rediscovered by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby in the 19th century. The contemporary metaphysical movement represents many interpretations. The philosophy as we know it now is an advanced way of life and compassionate rational approach to spirituality for the 21st century. In Quimby's words: the science of health and happiness. The following is a statement of 25 key metaphysical ideas as taught in our centre. In application it is the utilization of the Wisdom of the Ages.

1. We Believe in God -from a philosophical point of view as the Mind of the Universe
-from a scientific point of view as the sum total of all the laws of the Universe
-from a psychological point of view as the archetype of perfection, encompassing the infinite spiritual source of wisdom, intelligence, truth, love, beauty, harmony, ethics, integrity, life, peace, creativity, energy, maturity, meaning and all good
-from a mystical point of view as the Presence of the One

2. We believe that the creative process throughout the evolving Universe moves from idea to manifestation and that matter is energy that has temporarily taken on form.

3. We believe that there are two modes or worlds of human experience: (a) The world of being, containing all perfect archetypal ideas, and (b) the imperfect world of becoming in which we come to believe through our senses and interpret through our consciousness.

4. We believe that as human beings our real and absolute existence is as ideas in Universal Mind; hence, we are spiritual beings who are experiencing life as physical, mental and emotional organisms in time and space.

5. We believe that life is consciousness, which means that all we perceive as to who we were, are and will be, is the result or product of our interpretive and imaginative capacity as consciousness: We are to ourselves just what we think we are.

6. We believe that we can give direction to our life's experiences and destiny by the way we think, interpret, feel, believe, choose and act. We believe this is true because all phenomena including consciousness are subject to laws of action and reaction or causation and consequences.

7. We believe that each human being continually experiences the interaction of the conscious and subconscious mind and that the function of the subconscious includes the creative, dynamic reaction to the suggestions accepted by the conscious mind. Herein lies the power of human will, thinking, feeling, choice, perception and decision. It is the key to goal-focused living.

8. We believe that we can become conscious of the purpose, meaning, intention and mission of our lives through: (a) Activating our intuition or faculty of direct knowing, (b) Detection of meaningful coincidences, and (c) Awareness of the significance of dreams. All three are natural ways of realizing the conveying presence of Universal Mind.

9. We believe that human decisions, actions and behaviour are meant to be guided by the ethical inspiration of Universal Mind, the essence of which is love.

10. We believe that the guiding principles for fulfilling intimate relationships are: (1) Love, (2) respect, (3) wisdom, (4) understanding, (5) effort, (6) openness, (7) compassion, (8) forgiveness, (9) trust, (10) patience, (11) appreciation, (12) spiritual awareness, (13) maturity, (14) support, (15) intelligence, (16) persistence, (17) communication, (18) flexibility, (19) sense of humour, and (20) a desire to please.

11. We believe in the equality of opportunity and responsibility for all human beings of both genders and all cultures. We respect the diversity of the six billion humans on our planet.

12. We believe in the promotion of world peace and prosperity and the elimination of suffering.

13. We believe that the human, animal and planetary condition can be significantly healed, improved and perfected through the use of affirmations, the application of spiritual mind treatment and the practice of illumined visualization.

14. We believe that we can become increasingly aware of the dynamic activity and presence of Universal Mind in our individual lives through contemplative spiritual meditation and philosophical reflection.

15. We believe that it is possible for human beings to enter into an altered, mystical state of awareness in which the individual feels one with the Universe, all of life, and the Universal Mind. This state is known as Cosmic Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, Mystic Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, Krishna Consciousness and similar terms. We believe this state of awareness to be the highest aim of the teachings of Jesus and other wayshowers.

16. We believe that the evolution of the collective civilized human experience, in history, on planet earth in this dimension is greatly enhanced and facilitated by spiritual, philosophical wayshowers who developed and shared an unusually high degree of awareness of Universal Mind. These sages became founders of world religions, originators of sacred scriptures and resource persons as well as role models of the Wisdom of the Ages: Many viewpoints, one Truth. Among the ancient great souls of enlightened spirituality we recognize Krishna, Gautama Buddha, Moses, Jesus Christ, LaoTsu, Solomon, the prophet Mohamed, Zoroaster, King David, Chuang Tzu, Isaiah, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Plotinus and Marcus Aurelius.

17. We believe that the Christ and the Buddha and similar archetypes are symbols of the incarnate divinity in each one of us, known as our soul(s).

18. We believe in the validity and curative benefit of the interpretation of the Bible and other Scriptures from a mythological, mystical, metaphorical and metaphysical point of view, retaining the meaning of words and expressions in their language of origin.

19. We believe that the will, intention and desire of Universal Mind for all Its incarnations and organisms, including ourselves is all Good, happiness, success, wellness, peace, wisdom and the ongoing development of our constructive potential.

20. We believe that evil is ignorance, the result of errors, mistakes, immaturity, confusion, misunderstanding and lack of wisdom. We do not believe evil is supported by a malevolent power or sanctioned by Universal Mind. Rather, it is the inevitable consequence in human experience, of the inadequacy of consciousness, comparable to the inability to utilize a mathematical principle: What we do not know, do not understand and do not apply appears as if it does not exist. Evil invites compassion. The end of evil is the realization and use of the Wisdom of Universal Mind.

21. We believe we live in an apparent multi-dimensional Universe and that our individual existence continues from one dimension to the next, in an evolving, maturing and expanding journey. We believe this statement is supported by human out-of-body and near-death experiences.

22. We believe that communication between human beings in this dimension and other dimensions is possible, limited by our skills, beliefs and receptivity.

23. We believe that heaven and hell are states of consciousness, caused by our beliefs.

24. We believe that our human experience in awareness is a continuing process of growth and expansion and that therefore we reserve the right to change, modify and improve our statement of beliefs and convictions at any time, as inspired by new insights, discoveries, guidance and enlightenment.

25. We believe that each individual is meant to develop and define her/his own statement of beliefs, based on his/her own philosophy of life. This statement is intended not as doctrine or dogma but rather as a brief essay of guidelines, reflecting humanity's 2500 years' quest for metaphysical truth(s).


We invite you to participate in the creative, innovative, intelligent, exciting yet warm and loving expression of the philosophy of Metaphysics, the art of authentic living, as practised in the fellowship of our Life Enrichment Centre. We meet every Sunday morning at Eleven, in the historic, beautiful Palliser Hotel, 133, 9 Ave SW, downtown Calgary. For more information, please contact:

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The Calgary Life Enrichment Centre is an activity of Quimby Foundation, a registered Canadian charitable organization, supported by voluntary contributions. The centre is affiliated with the International New Thought Alliance, an association of metaphysical groups and individuals, active since 1914. Dr. Aaftink has been sharing his philosophy of metaphysics in Calgary since 1969.

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