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New Thought Movement Home Page A very large collection of links and information concerning the New Thought Movement. Created Oct. 5, 1995 by Alan Anderson. This important historical resource is now housed in our own archives.

International New Thought Alliance (INTA) The home page for the INTA which has been serving the New Thought Movement since 1914.

INTA Archives Addington Archives and Research Center Celebrating the Past Through Preserving History for the Future. 

The Association for Global New Thought (AGNT) is a 501c3 organization born out of a deep conviction and pure passion to give our movement a clear voice and commanding presence on the global stage. It serves alongside the existing major New Thought entities to seek out, and provide new opportunities within and outside our churches and spiritual centers for direct engagement with other faiths, cultures, and issues worldwide.

The Affiliated New Thought Network (ANTN) was created to assist independent New Thought ministries. ANTN is dedicated to provide support and networking opportunities to new churches, established churches as well as as for individuals on their ministerial path.

New Thought History is dedicated to the rich and vast history of the New Thought Movement, intended to be a source of relevant information and useful tools for Ministers, Practitioners, Students and the curious alike.

Society for the Study of Metaphysical Religion (SSMR) Uniting popular and academic metaphysics and other disciplines.

Divine Science Federation International An Affiliation of Divine Science Ministries. DSFI's mission is to form a union in accord with Truth which brings Spiritual vision and power to every member.

New Every Moment! Process New Thought. Drs. Deb Whitehouse and Alan Anderson are a husband-and-wife team of educators, scholars who have studied the history of the century-old New Thought movement and practiced its teachings for many years.

Calgary Life Enrichment Centre The Calgary Life Enrichment Centre is a function of the Quimby Foundation and features Dr. Herman J. Aaftink in weekly, live, public lectures at the historic Palliser Hotel, downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It also offers courses and audio cassette tapes on Authentic Living.  A listing of the activities for the Life Enrichment Centre may be found here.

Quimby Community Church Secaucus, NJ, with links for buying Quimby books. The Quimby Memorial Church is a non-sectarian group of people dedicated to the study and application of the inherent capabilities within all of humankind.

The Emmet Fox Resource Center Hosted by Rev’s. JoAnn and Cecil Corsiatto. Both served at Dr. Fox’s Church of the Healing Christ under Dr. Herman Wolhorn.

Southwestern (Quimby) College We are a fully accredited graduate school in the amazing art capital of Santa Fe, New Mexico. We offer a Master's Degree in Counseling and a Master's Degree in Art Therapy / Counseling. Our holistic, transformational education emphasizes experiential learning, and becoming a deeply reflective, holistic licensed professional and agent of deep change.

Northwoods Spiritual Resource Center With a global readership second to none, Northwoods Spiritual Resource Center brings the Divine Science message to 193 countries (per SiteMeter stats) - from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe! Divine Science, founded in 1885, offers you a spiritually rich way to understand God and your world. If you are learning about Divine Science for the first time click here for a brief introduction.

Rev. Aldon Samaha God centered counseling using email where you set the fee.